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Autodesk FeatureCAM Training

ASI offerS Top-Notch Training for FeatureCAM.

Many of our customers start by teaching themselves how to use Autodesk’s FeatureCAM software. That’s worth a pat on the back for sure, but this method of learning has its drawbacks.

Many self-taught FeatureCAM users are missing the details they need to be more productive and efficient. They know just enough about the software to be dangerous, but not enough to optimize production.

ASI’s FeatureCAM training is a game changer.

Our training for FeatureCAM Will Help You…
  • Be more efficient.¬†Most customers do not have the time to sit and learn the most important FeatureCAM details. Let us help train and share the integral parts of the software so your programmers can be more efficient.
  • Be more consistent.¬†Even if your company has multiple programmers, FeatureCAM has automated technology that will help you be more consistent in your programming strategies. Customize in details the strategies that your company likes to use.
  • Quote your projects faster. A bad quote combined with a bad workflow can really put a damper on your time and profits. With the right FeatureCAM training, you can quickly generate accurate quotes.

Training options

Ready to master FeatureCAM? Here are the training options we currently offer.

Customized Training


Per day for the first person, $300/day for each additional person.

Come to ASI headquarters in Waynesboro, Virginia for training. All training is unique to your company and your people. You are not in an environment with other companies. We focus on your people and your parts.

Premier On-Site Training


Per day

ASI will come to your facility and train your people on your computers, your machines and even your parts. This is very detailed training where we move at the learning speed of the individuals. We are flexible on removing or adding days as required.

*Cost does not include travel and expenses.

Virtual Training


Get virtual training via WebEx. ASI can offer flexible online training for those who cannot travel or want shorter sessions at various times. These one-on-one sessions will focus on your specific needs.

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